Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Time No Blog

It's been quite a while my friends. I'm still here. Lots has happened and is currently happening.

I learned to speak a little Spanish, and I can read and write in Spanish fairly well considering I only took one class. Summer class is lined up and I've got plans for Spanish 2 come fall.

Last month I submitted my first AWP panel proposal that I personally think kicks some serious ass. Let's hope the selection committee agrees.

I was accepted to the Napa Valley Writers' Conference (which reminds me, I owe them an email...). I get to write poems alongside other fantastic writers under the guidance of our workshop leader, Jane Hirshfield. How did I get so lucky?

In January I sat down and made a list of five-year goals. Then I broke that down into 1 year goals. Here is my list of crossed-off goals thus far:

  • Apply to Workshop/Residency
  • Attend Workshop/Residency
  • Propose AWP Panel
  • Weigh < 172 Lbs
  • Release Weave Issue 08
  • Plan/Go on a Book Tour
  • Complete Spanish 1

Turns out, if I set goals for myself, I accomplish them. I think this has always been true, I've just never intentionally made a list on which to cross them off. Scratching that line through a goal, damn that feels so good.