Hi. My name is Laura. I am a Poet. Essayist. Editor. Educator. Among other things. Sometimes I write about those things here. Other times I just write about things and thingness. I write about feminism or what I had for lunch. I also write a tri-weekly series LitShare where I compile the latest literary gems on the web. Check out my Chapbook Rookie series for how-to advice on promoting your chap collection.

I like lists and I am willing to admit that I watch a lot of television. I subscribe to Bitch Magazine. I think that Six Feet Under was the greatest show ever made.

I edit a lit mag called WEAVE. You should check it out. I also founded and organize an online group for writers called Submission Bombers

I moved to the Bay Area in 2011. I am always looking for new friends. Want to be my friend?