Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strangest Week Ever

I think I might be living in the strangest week ever.

Not that it's a bad thing. It's just I've had and will have a lot of firsts this week. I had my first teaching-related argument, I drove over a giant snow mound by accident, and I heard the inaugural poet Elizabeth Alexander speak. All that just by Monday. Tuesday got even stranger when I read my poetry on Prosody and was interviewed by Jan Beatty. I also witness a giant five piece mural get completed by my 7th grade students. Today I was at work for twelve hours. After school we had an auction for the mural, along with sales of glass jewelry, Haitian dance moves and hands on art. We made over $1200 for Haiti relief efforts. I've just gotten home and plopped down into my chair and I'm pretty sure I've never been quite this tired.

Still left to go is a presentation on Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca. Not that strange, except I've somehow managed to fall in love with a dead, gay, Spanish writer. It will be a beautiful love affair. This play is an experience to read and I hope we have a fun discussion in class tomorrow.

This weekend has the most sad bit of strange; my family will be interning my grandfather's ashes in the afternoon. I can't believe it's been almost three months since he died. I haven't seen my family in a while because I've just been so busy. So while it's sad, I'm glad we're getting together and I'm glad Grandpa is the reason we're getting together. He would like that.

I'm not sure how I feel about my strange week so far. I mostly enjoy pointing out the strangeness of it. I just don't think many people get make change with art, be on the radio, experience a death ritual and hear a speech from a famous all in one week. I think that next week I'll be glad I just have the Weave Issue 03 reading.


Thom Dawkins said...

So I'm reading your blog and realizing how much of your life I've been missing lately. Hope you're resting well, and see you soon!

Laura the Poet said...

I was really tired when I wrote this. I left out complete words! I don't feel like changing it. I'm still just as tired.

We need to get a drink together soon.