Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Down, One to Go

I am almost finished with one year of graduate school.

(Hang on, I need to write those words again.)

I am almost finished with one year of graduate school.

Ok, yeah that's about right. Well, sort of. I technically still have the summer and next summer too. But how did I get here? This time last year I was just getting accepted to my MFA program. I applied late, got accepted in April and from there on things became this spiral of events and movements, back bends and flips through fiery hoops. It also seems I will survive one year of teaching. How I managed both at the same time, I might never know.

I do have some insight. So much in fact, I feel that I may have actually become less wise, but more self-assured. By less wise I simply mean I am beginning to realize how much there is to know in the world. How much knowledge, the sheer number of words that have been put to the page, and how I will never read them all. I think I have learned so much about myself this year that I might need years afterward to process much of it. But I've also learned that life does not slow down or wait for you to catch up.

I have a lot of options in terms of my career and lifestyle that I have to begin researching. Should I go on for a Phd? Should I teach for a couple years first? Should I attempt a Phd in something else? I also have my personal life to consider. My partner lives in California and I would like to move to be closer to him. California is apparently desperate for public school teachers and I can easily transfer my teaching certification from Pennsylvania and look for work teaching middle or high school English and writing. I could also stay in Pittsburgh and continue teaching at my current job, since I have really enjoyed working with the gifted population.

With so many options, its no wonder I'm stressed.

I just dropped the SO off at the airport. He was in for a long visit and it's always so nice when he's here. But just when I get used to having him around, he has to leave again. In order to deal with this emotional stress, I'm going dancing on Saturday. Hardcore. I need to boogie away my tense muscles.

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