Monday, April 25, 2011

Let the Rain Remind Me to Hydrate

It's cool and rainy out tonight. My favorite nighttime weather.

Friday to Sunday was spent groaning in various curled positions on couches, beds and La-Z-Boy recliners due to extreme dehydration and fatigue. Turns out, my body needs lots of water or it turns against me.

The best team of writer-bowlers you'll ever meet.
The Caper / Pear Noir / Weave Reading was a success. I'm so sad to have missed it. Like, getting misty right now kind of sad. I have so much gratitude to Joel and Frank for taking over the reading in my absence. I hear that the readings were inspiring and copies of Weave issue 05 left the building in the hands of many new readers.

Somehow I finished grad school this week. I technically still have one class left online this summer, so it doesn't feel real still. But all the free time I have feels pretty awesome.

My boyfriend was in town just long enough to cuddle me while I wept and wailed in pain all weekend. He took me to urgent care and held me while I got an IV hooked up. I know he really really loves me because he saw me in various states of misery and grossness this weekend, including full-on age-regression and near fainting whilst I had my IV inserted. To say I don't deal well with needles is an understatement of ridiculous proportions. He fought with United Airlines to get his flight bumped so he could be my own Florence Nightingale. I'm in love.

I got an encouraging rejection from an editor this week. A "form personal rejection" is what I like to call it. I assume they don't ask everyone to send more work. That's what I choose to believe so don't ruin my fantasy la la la la. And the email was addressed to "Laura" and not "Writer," so that's a plus. It's all about lowering the standards...

My poem "On Rainy Nights I Dream I Am Pregnant" is up on Whale Sound. It was originally published on Radioactive Moat last year. Nic Sebastian does an amazing reading. When I read this poem publicly I will now bring a recording of her instead, because she brings a level of sadness to this poem that I cannot. This poem has so much wetness - it will be my mantra to avoid the dehydration-plague again.

While I am (mostly) finished with grad school, I still have so so so many things going on. Lots of the projects are stemming from Weave and I'm super excited to announce them all. One thing at a time though.

I must remember to stay hydrated.

It was raining when I started. Now it's just dripping from the tree branches. I'm going to go drink some water.
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