Monday, May 30, 2011

I'd rather be raining

It's really hot today. I somehow managed to install my window AC without killing my downstairs neighbor while she gardened. Days like this tend to hamper my productivity. I woke up at 11am and I've gotten very little accomplished.

I think I'm taking things as they come. My school year at work is winding down. Field trips, wrapping up projects, taking down posters for the kids to take home. There is little to plan.

I don't have a job in California yet. For some reason this isn't stressing me out. Perhaps because I have a padding in terms of money, since I'll be paid through July. Perhaps I'm just not really sure how to transition into post-MFA job applications. I'm not used to my new badge of honor.

Weave submissions are rolling in. We are still open for two more months and we have almost as many submissions as the entire previous reading period. I'm so impressed with the quality of the work people send us. I'm really excited to see our latest issue, which is at the printer right now. Should be ready to mail out in a couple weeks.

My online class is going well. It's a multigenre workshop I'm using to count for a nonfiction workshop. It's fun to read a variety of genres. I almost feel like all workshops should be like this. Good writing is good writing. Poets can learn something from plot structures and characterization. Fiction writers can learn something from line edits, careful attention to word choice, lyricism. We can all learn from the honesty of well-crafted nonfiction. I'm grateful to have this class to ween me off of grad school. I will miss that community.

I graduated last weekend. Technically I won't get my diploma until August, but it was great to walk across the stage anyway. My parents were there. The night before we had a reading with all the graduates. I won an award for Best Poetry Thesis. It's pretty incredible. I am hoping it keeps me excited about my manuscript. For now though, I've been leaving it alone, focusing more on writing and editing my prose.

It is supposed to thunderstorm today. I wish it would now, relieve some of the humidity. I don't like hiding out in my bedroom. It lowers my tolerance for the heat in general. If I sit really still on my couch, I'm ok. I still wish it was raining though. I'd go outside and lie down in the flower garden and rain along.
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