Friday, July 29, 2011

Breakfast at Noon

I've been living in San Francisco for over a month and I can't say it feels anything like home yet. I like our apartment. We have so much junk everywhere though. It has take all of my willpower to not spend all day organizing and cleaning. I did break down and try to put my IKEA desk (back) together. Somehow I thought I could do it despite the fact that 1) I didn't have directions, 2) it was not taken apart completely from the move, and 3) I was alone in a really cramped office space. How could I have possibly failed? I should make myself feel bad for that. Done.

I've been working hard this week on the dreaded job applications. The process involves a constant battle with self-doubt in the face of a ridiculously competitive job market. I fluctuate between thoughts like, I will be such a fun professor! to I wonder how much I will make at Starbucks? pretty much all day long.

I've been struggling with writing here too. I know I have some new readers and I wonder, do I have anything interesting to say right now? I'm a relatively uninteresting person this week, on my computer pretty much all day. Sometimes I look out the window.

I was fascinated by this article about the lives of modern writers. Apparently we are becoming healthier! Tell that to the bowl of cereal I just ate for... dinner? lunch? Well, I did have a really healthy breakfast today, so I can't complain. Here is a picture of it: maple and brown sugar oatmeal, banana,  cantaloupe and coffee. It was tasty.

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