Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello Out There!

It seems that my recent post about getting involved with your local literary community has inspired people. This is super exciting! One compliment that I get from people, that I don't mind getting, is that I've got a lot of enthusiasm. Usually they are referring to something specific, like poetry or travel. However, those closest to me know that I tend to be easily excitable. "IT'S TUESDAY! I LOVE TUESDAYS!" Or "ZOMG this Pad See Ew is SO GOOD!" Then I do a happy dance. It's a very uncool dance that involves a lot of bouncing and flailing. Watch out when I flail. I'm pretty tall, I might knock you down.

So yeah, I'm excited that people are excited about getting involved.

Speaking of getting involved, I attend a fantastic conference this weekend for California Poets in the Schools. I met a bunch of really great veteran poets who have been teaching in the schools for decades. They were so inspiring! I also made friends with some of the new poets and I'm stoked to get more involved. I will be updating about this organization a lot.

I also drove on highway 101 South for 343 miles. Then, again, coming back north. California, you're mountains are wooing me. *swoon*

I have news. News that I can't share yet. It's good news. Like, really excitingly good news. I almost can't stand it. This is an exercise in developing patience.

The good news I can share is that I got a job! That wants to pay me! Soon! I start a part time tutoring job in the East Bay next week. I will teach reading and writing to groups of second graders for the school year. It's very exciting.

I also am hoping to get involved with Poetry Inside Out, part of the Center for the Art of Translation. I've been accepted for their training, which runs for the next two Saturdays in a row. I'm so excited to meet poets in the city.

There is more to say. I will say it soon. But I must get some reading and writing done this afternoon.

Yeah, I rhymed. What WHAT?


Marie Gauthier said...

Congratulations! And, CONGRATULATIONS on your secret news! And, you are very tall. xo

Laura E. Davis said...

I feel like perhaps you have heard my good secret news already. I'm just guessing though. I'm WAY too excited. Thanks for the congrats. xo!