Monday, October 17, 2011

The Flying List of Awesome

  1. I'm writing this update while flying on a big plane from New York to California. 
  2. I decided to write in a list because it felt more manageable. I miss blogging. I spent the summer unemployed and had lots of time for it and now have more to write about with much less time.
  3. Today I got two poems accepted by Super Arrow. One of the poems had been rejected over 24 times. I'm happy.
  4. Sal and I have been having a lot of discussions about balancing our professional lives and personal lives. We are both tired a lot. I decided we need a life coach or at least a cleaning person. And an accountant, but that's another issue.
  5. Who cleans your house? How do you decide who cleans it? Is it as clean as you'd like it to be? If you are female, do you feel strange taking on more cleaning duties than your partner, especially if said partner is male? 
  6. When in the world do people have time to raise children?
  7. I finally took some time to create a new chapbook manuscript. This feels good. 
  8. Do people with careers have social lives? Do people with careers watch television? Roxane Gay, I have no idea how to have time to write, teach, AND go see all the movies you review. I'm glad you do though, otherwise I'd never know how horrible Contagion was.
  9. There is a baby crying on the plane. 
  10. Weave reopened to submissions on Saturday. We still have to read fiction from the last reading period. I don't feel bad about this. I'd rather us take our time, than rush and miss something we want. 
  11. I have worked at ModCloth for almost one month and somehow, magically, managed to not buy one single thing. Aside from my new Tom's shoes, I haven't bought any new clothing since July. Considering I went into a small amount of debt during my last semester of graduate school from impulse ModCloth purchases, I'd say that's some growth.
  12. Teaching for Poetry Inside Out is the most rewarding teaching and poetry-related job I've ever had. I continue to be challenged by my students. I am learning to listen to people speaking other languages on the bus. Languages are opening up before me on a daily basis. 
  13. Tomorrow I start teaching a high school class of English Language Learners at a new school. I'm mostly excited about this, though it's been a while since I've worked with this age. I hope that some of them will talk with me in Spanish, so I can practice. I also have two who speak Chinese, a student who speaks Burmese and one who speaks Punjabi. Wow. 
  14. I'm learning a lot about history and geography from Poetry Inside Out teaching.
  15. I'm still on a plane and now there is turbulence. I also have only 36 minutes of battery left, yet I have at least 90 minutes of plane ride left. 
  16. I didn't think I'd get to number 16. I guess I had a lot more to say.
  17. What has your life been like?
  18. Updated additional question: Do you know what the Baby-Pope-Jesus-Bishop statue is supposed to be? Besides, you know, creepy? It was in the bakery we went to in Brooklyn.
who are you???


Marie Gauthier said...

I do most of the cleaning. Very poorly. Under duress. Which means most of the time I have time for all my various hats and have a dirty apartment. Until someone come to visit and I do a hasty and perfunctory job of it. All in all, I'm much happier this way. :o)

Laura Davis said...

Having a cluttered apartment works for me too, until a point, then I go crazy and want things neat. Dirty, that's another story. When I lived alone I didn't clean the bathroom for like two months. I'm the only one who used it. It was probably gross. Oh well, I lived and now I have a masters. I was too effing busy to clean. My mother and grandmother both keep the house SO CLEAN so I have all this PRESSURE in my brain to keep a clean house. I need to let it go....

Rachel Bunting said...

Laura, go read this!  xx

Carol said...

Here's my letter:

Donna Vorreyer said...

Congrats on the acceptance! In answer to some of your questions:
#5 and 6. You find time to write when you are raising kids because the happier you are, the better your parenting will be. And it's good for your kids to see you pursue what you love. (One of my favorite pictures from our travels with our young son is from Egypt - I am pointing (with a pen in my hand) at a ruin, my son is looking that way, and I have an open journal on my lap. When you are working and raising your kids (and going to grad school or whatever else you are pursuing), it can be crazy. The house isn't clean. The ironing piles up. The leaves don't get raked. Yelling ensues. But it's only a big deal if you make it one. #8: You have to make time for a social life - it just may not look the same as it used to when you were younger. Maybe it's game night with friends so you don't have to get a sitter. Maybe it's lunch instead of dinner. And yes, I watch TV. I'm "watching" it right now. But I am always multi-tasking: grading papers, writing, or getting my workout in.#12, 13, 14: Teaching is a rewarding job - you always learn as much from the kids as you give. It's getting tougher, but it's worthwhile. I'm in my 27th year of teaching, and I love it.Something will always make you too busy - my son is away at college now, but I still struggle to find the time to do everything I would like to do. But life is good. It's Messy. And beautiful. 

Molly said...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit knowing this, but the Baby-Pope-Jesus-Bishop statue is the Divine Infant of Prague. Love your flying list...

Marie Gauthier said...

Cleaning is a sisyphean chore for which no one will thank you which will suck time you'll never get back. Let it go, yes, and save it for when you're procrastinating!