Saturday, April 14, 2012

halfway there and ahead of schedule

Fourteen days into NaPoWriMo and I have fifteen poems. Rad!

It was an accident. I wrote two poems yesterday after trying to write an erasure poem, which I didn't finish it until today. It will count for tomorrow.

So I'm ahead by one which is a relief. I've been wanting to write a sestina for a while. I like them for the same reason I like puzzle games like Freecell and Tetris: I get to solve an interesting problem and I know when I'm finished. Very satisfying. 

I started a new workshop today. Poet Cathy Barber, who I know through CPITS, asked if I'd be interested in forming a writing group a few weeks ago. Yes yes! I said and asked if I could invite my poetry partner-in-crime, Molly. Cathy's friend Sara joined us and it was really magical. We took each other's writing seriously while laughing and munching on chips and guacamole. We're gathering monthly now. It feels good to have a group and it feels really good to make new friends.

On an unrelated note, one of my 3rd grade students drew the picture below for me. She tucked it into a book I'd left in the classroom last week. I'm pretty sure I'll keep this forever.

Hope your Saturday is as enjoyable as mine.

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Molly Spencer said...

Yay, I love our new group and I'm glad to be your poetry partner in crime!