Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Literary Roundup: Abbreviated-Style

  1. I was interviewed about Braiding the Storm by poet Laura Madeline Wiseman.
  2. Karen Benke's lovely poem "Joy Ride" is over at Rattle.
  3. Jessica Fenlon writes about the "feedback loop of non-response, acceptance, rejection" over at snowblood's parasol.
  4. Renée Albert's delightful poem "Palm Sunday" was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Saturday Poem series.
  5. Nicolette Wong's epic series of prose poems intermingle with intensely strange and beautiful photographs over at Escape Into Life.
  6. The always amazing Aimee Nezhukumatathil spoke with the folks at Lantern Review.
  7. Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman tells us to sleep upside-down, among other things, in order to spark the flames of creativity (via the Huffington Post).
  8. Finally, less literary and more fun: this photo sparked a chain of events that lead me to climb through a window at Princeton to see Bon Jovi. Thanks, whoever you are.


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