Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kimbra, Will You Be My Best Friend?

There are so many reasons why I love Kimbra. She's smart and classy and uber-stylish without being pretentious about it. Her music is layered and operatic and pop-ish and complicated and weird, yet still you are able to sing along. Her voice has so many incarnations and she isn't afraid to sound weird sometimes. And in her latest video, she isn't afraid to have you up in her head. Her bat-shit crazy head, that is, with her latest video for "Come Into My Head." Seriously, I'm in love. If you haven't heard any of Kimbra's work before, I recommend starting with "Settle Down." Then maybe "Cameo Lover." Then CIMH. Or just jump right in with CIMH (below) if you can handle awesome smart crazy powerful talented lady singers.

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