Monday, November 26, 2012

Lit Roundup, Gratitude-Style

Dear Outer Space,

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was delightful and involved a dinner for two (that neither of us cooked), making egg nog, and playing a Twilight drinking game (the only way to watch those movies. And, boy does Taylor Lautner take his shirt off a lot. Not that I'm complaining).

I have a lot to be grateful for, including the fact that we finally bought our Christmas/New Year's plane tickets. Ten flights between two people, six of which are mine. Right now I'm so relieved it's finished, but come December I'll be anxious about so much holiday travel.

Without further downward-spiraling deeper into my fear of missing a plane fight, I'll get to the goods. Enjoy and thanks for reading.


In lit mag news, Brusque Magazine released it's first issue, including two poems from Alicia Hoffman. Both poems feature audio of the poet reading, which I always appreciate.

Weave Magazine released it's contributor list for the long-awaited Issue 08. I spent time this weekend printing everything in preparation for sequencing. I'm so excited!

Corium also released its eleventh issue; this online journal always publishes polished and petite poems and prose. This just in: I'm an alliteration nerd.

Also, Heron Tree, a new online lit mag, is still accepting submissions until December 1st.

First up in the "Writers on Writing" category, we have Carol Berg, author of the newly released chapbook Ophelia Unraveling (which I just got in the mail Saturday!), discussing how to draft a poem. I found this to be particularly helpful for me, since I've been in a non-writing space lately; Berg reminded me that sitting down with a blank page is rarely effective. You need soil first.

Next is an excerpt from a longer essay about ending a poem by Joy Katz. Not new, but new to me.

Poet Molly Spencer inspires me with her dedication to writing even when you think you have no time. Her recent "how to write when there's no time to write" is just what every stuck-writer needs to be unstuck.

Speaking of inspiration, Davka pours out a dose of deer girl medicine with her wickedly beautiful prose piece about bodies and beauty and death and photographic immortality.

AND two for you in the "Just For Fun" category! Discovered the documentary Lemon via Kelli Russel Agodon. An inspiration-giver, this one. (Also it's FREE to watch on PBS!) Lastly, get out your spare change and check out this book vending machine. No, I'm not kidding. How could I kid about something so awesome?


Carol Berg said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Laura--and for getting my chapbook! Happy travels!!!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for the mention of Heron Tree! Looking forward to whatever's coming next over the transom!

Molly Spencer said...

Ooh, can't wait to read and investigate these links -- and thanks for the link. Way to go on all you've accomplished with Weave and poem-a-day in November!

Laura E. Davis said...

Thanks Molly! I can't believe I finished November. I feel really good about it.