Thursday, January 31, 2013

coming up for air

I'm floating to the top of my to-do list. For once it isn't completely obvious what I should do next, which means I'm not putting out fires. I can choose what's next!

Taking two months off from product writing to focus on poetry writing/editing/submitting has been better than I expected. My concerns about falling into an unstructured abyss were assuaged when, two weekends ago, I planned my long term goals. Five years, specifically. Then laid out one year. In between I discovered my personal values. Great exercise, very helpful. Freelance artists should know their values because then priorities are grounded in something bigger than yourself. Or  grounded in the well-thought-out version of yourself, rather than on a whim or what's left on your Hulu queue. 

I want to write more here, but it hasn't been a priority. I see my blog as a way to give back, to share my knowledge and experiences with others. To interact. Dialogue. I'm not reading other blogs right now, so it feels phony. I am reading and re-reading a couple beautiful chap/books though. And I have so many other ways I'm giving back so those things take precedence. 

Next thing on my list: submissions. My own. With two poem-a-days in April and November, plus random writing in between, I now have 99 poems just sitting in folders. They might not have enough ready yet, but that might also be an excuse. Either way, off I go. Be well, dear readers.


Danny said...

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Danny said...

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