Monday, August 12, 2013

LitShare: Lists, Sneak Peeks, How-tos, and More Lists

sneak peek at a proof copy of Weave 09
An interview with Karen Lillis about her small press promotion and sales efforts on the Small Press Review.

Looking for a list? I've got a few for ya. A list of things to ask yourself when making a list of poets via Flavorwire. Here's 50 reasons to avoid dating poets. Tom Holmes shares a list of presses who are currently seeking full-length poetry manuscripts via The Line Break.

"Via Poets & Writers, a Harvard professor teaches leadership skills through literature. "With literature, you can see the whole messy collection of things that happen inside our heads." -Joseph L. Badaracco, the John Shad Professor of Business Ethics at Harvard Business School.

Over at tweetspeak poetry, a couple of acorns. First, a lesson in how to read a poem. Might want to pass that one on to relatives. In fact they have a whole series of how-tos on poem-reading. Next up, check out this cool story about poem buddies and reading a poem a day for 12 years.

The Guardian wants your found poems!


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