Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Waves of Uneventful Days

Most days I have very little to share.

I have things to do. They are on my to-do lists. I have seven lists of things to-do. I have only done three to-do items today.

I got some things accomplished. Submissions - electronic and postal. Poems and chapbook manuscript. Sent withdrawal emails. My poem "The Ordination of Woman" was accepted by Whistling Fire.

I'm counting my calories again. Mostly so I make sure I don't overeat. I won't share that with you.

I have not written my poem for Poem-a-Day yet. I should do that before date night begins in about 20 minutes. But I still need to shower.

I have lost some energy. I've spent a lot of time talking about the repercussions of being a public poet. That is, being the kind of poet who makes her private life public. Now I need to spend time thinking about why I feel compelled to make waves. Where does this instinct begin? What are my motivations? After the waves are crashing, how do I react? What is my role? Do I have the right to be upset if people don't accept/like/agree with my public self? If not upset, then what?

This is what happens when I have free time. Most people just watch TV.

I also reached a new high score on the Text Twist game on my phone. Over 900,000. I'm winning. Perhaps even more winning than Charlie Sheen.

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