Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Crickets Say Hello

I've been kind of quiet this past week. I almost feel settled. Settled into my apartment, the weirdness of moving and starting over.

I went to a party last night. At this party, I met some cool people. Hopefully they will be my friends. They are all writers, which is cool. One of them danced up on me. Like, hard. I blushed, then giggled. My boyfriend did not dance. He generally doesn't, but that's ok. I dance enough for us both.

I spent a long time talking about submissions with a new friend. I worry that perhaps I went a bit overboard, got a little soap-boxy. "You need to just submit everywhere!" "Rejections are normal, get used to them!" "Submit submit submit!" "Wanna see my awesome spreadsheet?? I'll pull it up here on my smartphone..." Yeah. I drank some drinks and then danced to Mariah Carey's Fantasy after that. It was more fun than me speechifying.

I got a super nice rejection from PANK yesterday, after only two days. They were impressed with my writing and want to read more. That's nice to hear. Especially after the super bland form rejection I got from this other journal after waiting five months.

On my desk is an index card with a list of words. I might use these in a poem. I have been thinking about writing another sestina and I wanted to gather some words together that deal with the domestic. Would you like to add some of these to my list?  Here it is below. Yes, I know I spelled camouflage wrong. Unfortunately, index cards don't have spellcheck.

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