Friday, September 2, 2011

Literary Roundup: Friend Edition

Hi friend! How are you? I miss you, probably, but if I've never met you, well then thanks for reading my silly little blog.

On the personal front, life is improving. I realized last week that I was drinking way too much caffeine. I have since cut it in half and despite the terrible headaches in the morning, I'm feeling so much better. Like, beyond better. Turns out, caffeine produces anxiety and fucks with your sleep. Duh, Laura. I accomplished a number of things this week that I have been putting off.

Good news on the job front: I got a call about a tutoring job! I would teach writing to small groups of kids in grades 1-5. Fun! I also applied to work at this little cafe down the street, so hopefully I will be able fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a barista.

I also finally ventured over to Books & Bookshelves, which specializes in books of poetry. I can't tell you how awesome this store smells. Old books + wood furniture = Nose Heaven. They also have a large collection of beautiful paintings. I bought a book by San Francisco poet Michelle Tea and I chatted up the employee, David Highsmith, also a poet and he gave me his book for free! Really nice of him. The furniture was surprisingly affordable, so Sal and I might venture over there this weekend to look at some headboards.  The store is now officially carrying copies of Weave Issue 06. They also have readings there, so I'm considering holding one for Weave.

Speaking of Weave, people are really talking up the latest issue on Facebook this week. There is lots of contributor love happening, which is great. I love when contributors find one another online and form mutual admiration societies. So cool. Also, this week we posted book reviews by poet (and friend) Thom Dawkins. Go read and then buy some books

Ok, what else is happening in my literary world this week?

Well, classes started up at Chatham and it's strange to not be a part of it. Grad school was over so quickly and now I keep finding articles that examine the value of the MFA. I have opinions on this. I will share them someday. In the mean time, read this fun piece by fellow Chatham alum Robert Isenberg, called "The Vanishing of Sombrero Man." He wrote this in our literary journalism class. It's cool to see it all finished and published.

Rattle wants to give you free books. All you have to do is write a review. Sweet!

The fall issue of A cappella Zoo is out. Online version coming soon. Somehow I missed the spring version (maybe it was that whole thesis-writing thing...) but I hope to read it later today and belatedly share some goodies with you.

That's all for this week, as I'm behind on blog reading. I started a new writing project, so I've been focusing a bit more on that. I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend. Enjoy all the fruits of your labor. Eat some BBQ. Read a book. I leave you with pictures of awesome people reading and a picture of me and Lindsey during her visit last weekend.


Dana said...

I'm glad things are going better on the headache front and on the work front. The tutoring work sounds really fun.

Laura E. Davis said...

thanks Dana. More good news professionally coming soon :)