Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Obviously the Only Person to Ever Be This Busy!

Consumed? Walloped? Sandstormed?

I saw it coming. April, that is. I should have remembered from last year with teaching and grad school, but the public schools in Pennsylvania don't finish until June, so when I found out my schools were finishing May 25th I started to hustle. With end of the school year preparations, chapbook finalizations, a handful of new projects, both paid and volunteer, poem-a-day, plus the Weave hiatus (which was supposed to give me time to work on new things) -- well, you know. Sandstormed.

I'm sure you're all just as busy, whether it's paper-grading, kid-raising, or 9-to-5-ing. However, I tend to underestimate my hard work, since I do a lot of it sitting down. Somehow, in the last week, despite feeling like poo on Friday and Saturday, I accomplished the following while still remembering to eat and sleep:

  • Prep for five classes (though it was mostly done the week before)
  • Taught five poetry classes
  • Graded and typed student poems for five classes
  • Read a chapbook and wrote a chapbook review
  • Went to two meetings
  • Posted and promoted Weave's new staff opps
  • Made final edits to my chapbook
  • Took back cover photo (way more time-consuming than it should be)
  • Organized files to mail to publisher
  • Wrote a fundraising proposal (yowza)
  • Wrote six poems
  • Wrote introductions for workbook project
  • Developed two illustrated pages for workbook project
  • Spent at least five hours on student anthologies
  • Updated my monthly personal finances
  • Kept up with Weave's social networks
  • Watched Finding Nemo with Sal
That last one is there because it's a big deal. I've been wanting to watch that movie with Sal since we met over three years ago. He'd never seen it! (*gasp!*) It was a nice break cuddling with him on Saturday for some movie time. Plus, it reminded me of a helpful mantra: just keep swimmingjust keep swimming.


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