Thursday, April 26, 2012

Literary Roundup! Do I Have a Game's High Score?

Today's title is inspired by this week's oddest google search that lead someone to my little spot in the galaxy. I know one thing. I beat Sal at Tetris by reaching the highest score first. The little Tetris pieces danced and jumped. Poet Gamer FTW!

I'm going to get right into the roundup because there's been a lot of things I've missed. So what's new with you, lit world?

ModCloth has a post up today about She's the First, a nonprofit that raises money to education girls in developing countries. They've created an anthology where writer's answer the question, "If the world were your classroom, I'd teach a girl...." Definitely check it out.

Roxane Gay writes about The Hunger Games, strong female characters in young adult literature, and sexual assault over at The Rumpus. This is an important essay to read.

I'll follow that up with some subversive Young Adult writing advice.The YA Highway talks about how your young adult narratives can subvert expectations. I think this is just good advice about writing complex characters.

Lots of online lit mags have new (or newish) issues. In no particular order: BIRDFEAST, radioactive moat, Vinyl Poetry, parcel, shadowbox, Arsenic Lobster, Eleven Eleven, and H_NGM_N.

Every wonder why writers are crazy? Terrible Minds has 25 answers.

In small press news, the Christian Science Monitor makes a case for more indie publishers. Flavorwire has a list of 12 Awesome Small Presses. April 30th is the Grand Opening of SPD's new Reading Room where you can stop in all day to watch writers read their work quietly to themselves and perhaps read quietly along. You also get a free book of poetry!

VIDEO: A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon by CA Conrad.

Finally, check out the bedroom's of famous writers at Apartment Therapy. I'll leave you with a picture of our bedroom, which due to San Francisco's ban on closets larger than a bread box, all our clothes work decoration. Thanks Ikea.

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