Thursday, October 11, 2012

Literary Roundup: Shameless Promotion Edition

Fall 2012 has been good to me, publication-wise. Braiding the Storm is arriving in mailboxes across the country as I type. I'm told my copies will arrive today. I've had a bunch of poems come out online and a few print acceptances. I was interviewed by Sophie Rosenblum about the Submission Bombers over at Better Magazine. Below are excerpts from three of my poems, all of which you can continue reading with just one little click. Enjoy.

My Muse Is in Remission

She’s gone ice fishing, I guess.
Or maybe she’s taken a lover.
That’s ok. I know she’ll be back

read more at The Citron Review...

The Doll Maker

She pours their faces, porcelain
legs and arms resting on every surface:
kitchen counter, night stand, her belly.

read more at Mason's Road...

Portraits of Us Before and After Your Death


the night before you die
we’re in bed: my fingers

read more at A-Minor...

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