Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Literary Roundup! Goulash-Style

Well, everyone is back to school this week for the most part. I am sitting at home taking turns sending out job applications and weeping over my Master's degree.

We're cooking up some delicious goulash over at Weave. It's smellin' good. So many astounding submissions. I think this issue might just be a plump and juicy one. Also, collaborations abound! Expect to see some new things happening soon. Yay for being cryptic!

New word I learned this week: swale. n. a hollow or low place, especially a marshy depression between ridges. (I learned this word from reading poetry. It has made an appearance in a poem of mine now too.) That's a sexy word, right? Mm.

At the bottom you find a slideshow of pictures from last months InsideStoryTime reading. I have this months, but they are not uploaded yet.

Now, onto the Roundup for this week! (or however often I write these...)

Good things happening on the Interwebz. The new issue of Pedestal is up and it's a doozy. These twelve poems are all super different, but also dark, creepy, specific, grand, and just plain good. Some of them have an audio, which is awesome. Two of my favs: Wendy Miles' poem "Still Life" (you MUST listen to her lovely voice read this poem) and Adam Hughes' "Love Poem" which is weird and includes cats in blenders, but it works because of all the detail and tiny moments. I never realized how the crackling of shrimp shells does sound a lot like ice crackling. These two poems are really different, but I love that I found them in the same journal. I must also shout out to Christopher Shipman's "Ruins" simply because it deals so well with the death of elderly family. Such a tough topic to get into while avoiding the overly sentimental. Kudos.

I bought some new books this week. Looking forward to reading Sarah Sloat's new chapbook Excuse me while I wring this long swim out of my hair from Dancing Girl Press. I also got Gregory Sherl's Heavy Petting from YesYes Books. Both of these poets have had work in Weave, so I'm a bit biased, but I'm really looking forward to reading these.

Roxane Gay writes about happy endings over at HTML Giant. D. Gilson writes about submitting and queerness on the Sibling Rivalry Press blog. And finally, for the book lovers out there (all of you, I hope), here is some bookshelf porn. I can't only imagine how many weirdos are going to find my blog because of that link.

Happy reading!

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