Saturday, July 27, 2019

New Name: Laura Desiano

I am doing the unthinkable: changing the name under which I publish. No longer the cumbersome and all-too-common Laura E. Davis, now writing as Laura Desiano. Not married, just using my partner's name, which is also our son's surname. I wanted this to be a quick transition, but I realize it's more like months or years as I eventually publish more work under my new name.

I am okay with distancing myself from my old name. There are thousands of people with my old name and too many are writers. I like the clean sound of my new name. It feels right, and sounds right, and makes searching for me on Google much more straight forward.

At readings I'll also use this name. Not sure how I will introduce myself. Maybe my last name is less important in person unless it's a writing connection. Business cards can take care of that.

I also need a true website. No one blogs anymore. This space is still useful, with lots of content on chapbook promotion. That I am changing my name makes no difference to what I've written here. It lives.

And I will now live in this liminal transitional space between identities, between designations, just between.

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