Braiding the Storm, Finishing Line Press, October 2012
Poetry Inside Out: A Creative Writing Workbook, Two Lines Press, November 2012

JOURNALS: Print & Online

"Most Species" Honorable Mention forthcoming in Tiny Spoon, Summer
"Couple's Skate Apocalypse" Nominated for Best of the Net 2019 by & published in Drunk Monkeys May
"Because the Universe Is Expanding" in Typehouse Literary, Spring print issue

"How to Push" in Voicemail Poems, Issue 18: April
"Mother Mania" forthcoming in Rogue Agent, May
"Marital Frequency"  and "WE" forthcoming in the anthology Erase the Patriarchy!, TBD
"in the human body" and "the male organs" in Bone Bouquet 9.1, Spring 2019

"Relics" anthologized in Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts
"The Doll Maker" anthologized in The Doll Collection

"True Vaginal Orgasm" and "The Female Organs" in Tinderbox,  spring 2015

"One Hundred Widows at Dawn with One Mug" in Pedestal Magazine, December
"Occasions" in The Homeless Poem Project, September
"the bride" and "authorities" in Luna Luna, August
"Panic Attack on Easter, a Paean" broadside in Stirring: A Literary Collection, January

"The Problem of Sex" and "woman as human being" in Toad the Journal issue 3:3, December
"Relics" in Stirring: A Literary Collection, V15, E12 : December
If I Were A Jackknife” in Corium Magazine, Issue 14, Summer
Attitudes Toward Sex” in iARTistas, July
The Boys Are Always Talking” in Muzzle Magazine, May
"orgasm for women" in So to Speak, Spring 2013
The Decades Have Wings” in Stone Highway Review Issue 2.2 January
"A Marriage" in WomenArts Quarterly Journal Volume 3 - Issue 2, April
"Spaces” in Redactions Issue 16, February

Submission Bombers Interview in Better Magazine, fall/winter 2012
Three-Part Interview #5 in Natural Bridge Issue 28, December
"From Scratch" in sparkle & blink issue 4.3, December
"Red Stone" and "Vessels" in The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review Issue 17, October 
"My Muse Is in Remission" in The Citron Review, September 
"The Doll Maker" in Mason's Road Issue 5, September 
"Portraits of Us Before and After Your Death" and "Song for Laurel, After the Fires" in A-Minor Magazine, September
"Quilting" in Right Hand Pointing Issue 54 August 
First Chapbook Interview with Laura Madeline Wiseman, June 2012
"Eggs" in Sweet: A Literary Confection Issue 4.3 May 
"How to Handle Boss People" & "How to Compost" in Super Arrow Issue 5, January

"Remedies for a Long Winter" in qarrtsiluni, October
"Widowing" Winner, 2011 Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest, judged by Dorianne Laux, September
“First Laugh” in Redactions Issue 14, September
"Compression" in Matter Press Blog, September
The Ordination of Woman” in Whistling Fire, September
“One Million Cow Eyes” in Adanna Literary Journal  Issue 1 June
When I Was Seventeen”  in Diverse Voices Quarterly Issue 3.9 Spring
"On Rainy Nights I Dream I Am Pregnant" in Whale Sound, April
“Blame” and “Upon Realizing I Am Filled With One Million Poems” in OVS MagazineMarch
Fifth Avenue” and “Jessica” in Prairie Wolf Review, March
The Vicenarian or My Twenties So Far” in Splinter Generation, February
"The Poet Talks to Her Mother" in The Ante Review, January
"Missing" in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, January
Hybrids” in The Meadowland Review, January
"Upon Exiting Childhood” and “Where We’d Be" in Caper Literary Journal, January
“Dear Outer Space” in Pear Noir!January

“From Scratch” in dotdotdashDecember
Lessons in Aging and Agriculture” in Rougarou, October
My Hyacinth Girl” in Coal Hill Review, September
Prosody, 91.3 WYEP with Jan Beatty, February 2010

"Woo Your Sweetheart with these Swoon-worthy Words" The ModCloth Blog, February 2012
"Busy Bibliophile? Try a Poetry Chapbook" The ModCloth Blog, January 2012
"What to Pack for a Poetry Festival" The ModCloth Blog, January 2012