Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poets and Writers on Google Plus

UPDATE: There is a more comprehensive list over at Media Bistro. I am suspending updates to this post and referring you to head over there and comment.

Last weekish, Google released their new social network Google+ to the world. I jumped on the bandwagon and set up my profile that first day; I also invited a handful of friends before they quickly shut down invites. I friended some folks, but mostly I've get a lot of updates from people in technology: tech writers, Google employees, and my more tech-savvy friends. Since then, I've been scouring my friends's circles (networks) for more creative-poet-writer types who are already using Google+, though it seems my people are slow to jump into the mix.

The nice thing about Google+ is that you can choose what information to make public. I have some public info and I think it would be fun to share some of it with other creative people. I have been looking for a list of writers on Google+ and I found this article, but it's really more of a list of techy, social-networking junkies who have published books. Where is the list of poets, flash fiction writers, small press editors? Why can I find one? Where is my tribe?

I have decided to make my own list in the hopes that people will jump in here and share their info. If you are a writer, poet, indie mag editor, essayist, fiction writer, and/or overall literary kid with a Google+ profile, please leave your name and profile link in the comments. I will update this post as the comments come in. Here are the poets and writers who have joined in the fun so far.

Sarah Adkins
Meakin Armstrong
Adam Atkinson
Lisa Marie Basile
Elizabeth Bear
Thomas Bechtold
Mary Biddinger
Rachel Cantor
Diya Chaudhuri
Alexander Chee
Kelly Davio
Annie Finch
Neil Gaiman
Roxane Gay
D. Gilson
Carissa Halston
Tom Head
Sheila Heti
Aubrey Hirsch
Crystal J. Hoffman
T.R. Hummer
Sally Rosen Kindred
Mary Robinette Kowal
Laila Lalami
Christiane Leach
Micki Myers
Christopher Newgent
Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Patty Paine
Julie Platt
Nicole Pyles
John Scalzi
Shya Scanlon
Geoff Schmidt
Michael Smith
Emma Straub
Nick Stravinski
Robb Todd
Donna Trussell
Christine Van Winkle

Don't know what Google+ is? Check out this demo and hopefully you can join the fun once they reopen invites.


Unknown said...

Hi, same problem here :) Glad that I have found your post. VBV

Micki Myers said...

Hi Laura

I'm interested in being part of such a circle - let's see how this thing works.

I'm here!


Robb Todd said...

Robb Todd

My word verification was "nutmoy"

Christopher Newgent said...

I always enjoy being found:

Nicole Pyles said...

Sure, I'll leave my google plus profile here!

I'm a writer, blogger, and unemployed college graduate. :)

Sally Rosen Kindred said...

I'm a poet who's available for being encircled on Google Plus! :) Not sure how to link to my profile, but I'm in your circle and my name is Sally Rosen Kindred.

Laura the Poet said...

I got you on there already Sally! yay!

tom said...

I've got my URL forwarding there:

(Author or coauthor of 24 nonfiction books, most recently "It's Your World, So Change It" for Que/Pearson.)

Author Hope said...

Hi! You can check out my Google+ profile

I have currently written HOPE and in the process of writing its sequel KISMET

Ha! my verification word was "undics"

Christine said...

Great idea. I'm at

Uke Xensen said...

Tom Christensen

Jack said...

This is a great idea! I'm - love to hear from any readers!

Intangible Hearts said...

Not sure if I'm in the right place-but yes, I'm a writer and poet.
My blog is at Thanks for asking. :)
My name is Eve.

The Desert Rocks said...

Not sure if I'm in the right place-but yes, I'm a writer and poet.
My blog is at Thanks for asking. :)
My name is Eve.

Robb Todd said...

Robb Todd

My word verification was "nutmoy"

Tim said...

I'm a short story writer and freelance academic researcher

Feel free to add me