Friday, July 15, 2011

Literary Roundup & Spreadsheet Romance

This week, the literary meets the technological in my Google Plus stream. I've "met" awesome writers who are open to sharing, including by helping me answer probing questions like "What's a good free website platform?" and "Anyone want to write a collaborative poem?"

Speaking of collaborative poems! I've been writing them all week with three awesome poet-friends, Thom, Jessica and Crystal. We're using Google Docs and, I must say, it's really awesome to watch as someone writes a line of poetry. Watching them write, delete, rearrange, write, pause - there is a video project in there somewhere.

My amazing friend D. Gilson wrote a travel essay and it's up over at the PANK Blog. Go read it.

I've got a poem in the latest issue of Diverse Voices Quarterly. The rest of the issue is fantastic and lovely.

Weave submissions are rolling in! We have an awesome ad up at htmlgiant. While working at Google yesterday, I read stories about breastfeeding, masturbation, burial rituals and racism. I love this work. We are open until July 31st. SUBMIT!

My friend and partner-in-recent-literary-crimes, Lisa Marie Basile, is doing some fundraising for Patasola Press. You should donate and also buy a book. Video about Patasola is posted below.

My obsession with spreadsheets continues. Sal and I spent some time sorting out my priorities this past Saturday and I came up with a list of accessories (tasks) and match them under the different hats (roles) I stylishly wear. Hats include Writer, Editor, Job Seeker and Community Member and respective accessories might include write, read, apply and get-the-hell-out-of-the-apartment-and-go-to-a-poetry-reading. I took this information and put it in a spreadsheet with cool algorithms to add up the time I spend on each activity. An alarm goes off every fifteen minutes to remind me to check what I'm doing. Of course, I had to add a spot on my spreadsheet called "data" for all the time I spent actually using and tinkering with the spreadsheet. It's not something I will keep up with forever, but it's helpful to have some structure to my day. It also helps me get to the end of the day and not feel like crap because it just seems like I did nothing all day.

On a personal note, it's really fun to live in a city. I explained this to Sal the other night by mentioning that on our walk back from drinks we passed at least awesome 10 restaurants/bars/coffee shops/stores that I want to check out. And they are all in walking distance from my apartment! Sal responds with something along the lines of, "So what?" and I realized he has no clue what the suburbs are like. I could only walk to two businesses as a kid: the Twin Kiss Ice Cream and CO-GO's convenience store. The fact that we can walk to get delicious Pho at 10 o'clock at night on a Wednesday is life-altering.

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