Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Literary Roundup: come out like astronaut because mosquitos

Been a while since I rounded up a roundup. What do you think of this Google search that lead someone to my blog? Obviously Sally Ride has something to do with it, but mosquitoes? It's a cool line though. Might use it in a poem somewhere.

I'm so proud of Submission Bombers! We got a little blurb over at Superstition Review. So much positivity is coming out of that project. Sal suggested I consider incorporating it into my literary nonprofit idea that I want to start for Weave. I've been thinking about thinking about names. Haven't got one yet. But I'm thinking about it.

Speaking of bombing, did you catch this actually explosion of poetry in London?

Two Submission-Bomber-Featured issues of lit mags came out yesterday, one which features a poem of mine. Check out all the work in the latest issue of Right Hand Pointing  and Rufous City Review for more tasty literary treats.

Poems I've read recently include Wishful by Linda Umans, #11 by Carina Finn, a whole series of poem by Molly Spencer at Escape Into Life.

I really want at least half of these unique chairs for maximum comfort. Especially that last one. Can I just replace all of my furniture with giant pillows please? I would curl up and finish reading The Book of Orgasms by Nin Andrews (which is *so* good so far). Which chair would you read in?

Super awesomely cool dress with poetry on them zOMG!1!!! want.

Maisha Z. Johnson writes about being shy. Joy Ladin answers five questions for Her Kind. And this news article reminds us not to be so serious with our art all the time.

On that note, I'm going to go write a poem about a polka-dotted shark. And maybe eat some watermelon.


Donna Vorreyer said...

I think my best search line was "chimpanzee in green."

Molly Spencer said...

Thanks for the mention! Love your big, watermelon smile!