Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writing Projects!

I have a few writing project ideas floating around in my head right now. I am taking a Spanish literature class this semester and for our final paper we are permitted to write a creative response along with a detailed supporting paper outlining the concept. My goal is to write about 10 poems that touch on major themes in Spanish literature like honor, chivalry, religion, monarchies, sexual repression, the changing roles of women, solitude, poverty and social class. I've got a good idea of how I can structure this work and connect the themes over time. I've also been trying to think ahead to my thesis for next spring. These first two semesters have literally flown by so I know it will just be a matter of time before it's September and I'll have to start working on a manuscript. I have been thinking it might benefit me to really work on a number of small series of poems so that I gain more experience.

Starting next week I am teaching an after-school creative writing club at work for 18 students in grades 5-8. We're starting with fiction and then moving on to poetry. We hope to having a reading sometime in June as well. How exciting! We're beginning with plot structure and I made a wicked PowerPoint presentation. Here is a picture of our jazzed up plot structure brainstorm we made on a chalkboard.

I currently have a number of poems from last semester out at journals. I sent them out in December. This is the longest amount of time journals have kept my submissions. After reading on Prosody, I feel a new sense of confidence in my work and I can really see how my work has improved over time. I also have a real desire to share my poems with more people. During the Weave event, someone approached me to discuss how I got on Prosody and complimented me on a couple of poems. It was such a wonderful and strange experience.

I also have a new reading series project I'm "consulting" on. A good friend of mine Thom, who helped produce the Weave event has now caught the event planning bug. It's addictive.

Plus I've got the next issue of Weave we are working on. We hope to finish reading by the end of the month so that when we reopen on April 15th we'll be done. Oh goodness. So much to do! I'm glad I remembered how busy I was.

Also, it's SPRING. Thank goodness.

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