Friday, May 7, 2010

Holy cow that's a lot of traveling!

Despite all the stress involved with packing, preparation, airports and schedule, I love to travel. I'm going to make a map of all the states I've visited soon. I'm thinking it's almost 20 at this point. I have a TON of travel over the next two months. Here goes...

 Trips for the next few months
  • May 8-9th: Canfield, OH
  • May 11- 15th: San Francisco, CA
  • June 4-7th: Chicago, IL
  • June 11-13th: Ohiopyle, PA
  • Late June/early July: Kigali, Rwanda & (maybe also) South Africa
  • Mid July-Mid August: San Francisco, CA
So far, in preparation for my trip to Africa I've gotten one shot. I need probably six more, plus malaria drugs. I've applied for a Passport so I'm good there. Soon I'll be looking in to getting supplies for travel, like a nice duffle bag and small containers for toiletries that I can take on the plane. I better also get a good travel journal and start writing things down.

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