Sunday, February 20, 2011

Check out Laura's List of Awesome!

I love both projects and list-making. I approach everything like a project, even things that just seem like "work" or monotony. In tribute to my two loves, I will start the first of a series of posts called the "Laura's List of Awesome" or something like that. Here are my latest, in no particular order, except for coming to my mind in thusly:

  • My manuscript
  • Submitting my chapbook manuscript to contests
  • Sending out poems to journals
  • Weave's 6th issue
  • Weave reading & collaborations
  • Interview with editors
  • Write intro for next Weave
  • CLJ Guest Editing
  • Transfer Teaching Certification
  • Job Applications
  • Yoga
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Write another sestina
  • Write a villanelle
  • Words & Beats Reading
  • MFA Prom
  • 2010 Taxes
  • Rereading The Giver
  • Teaching The Giver
  • Class Event at work
  • 100 other things I forgot

Oh boy! I Heart Lists! Here is a picture of the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade from atop a big hill.

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