Sunday, March 27, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

New York City. Technology. Art. Feminism. Food.

I'm in New York City this weekend and this is the view from my hotel room.

I'm curious to see it tomorrow with all the people working. There were some yesterday, but not many. I need to write about those memorial pools. There is something so feminist about building a park and pools in this space. Or rather, something yonic, when compared to the phallic nature of most cityscapes.

My trip has otherwise been relatively low key. The food thus far as been delicious. Pizza at a little place across the street. I had jerk chicken at The Islands, then late dinner of shells and cheese at Alchemy, both in Brooklyn. I also discovered that rosemary tastes delicious when mixed with Tanqueray and pear puree.

There was a panel speaking about the impact of technology on feminist art at the Brooklyn Museum. There was some fascinating statements that the panelists made, such as the fact that the internet equalizes voices because they are disembodied, therefore eliminating existing prejudices. Someone then countered and said the internet is not a safer, less judgmental place for trans men and women. Someone used the verb "mushroomed" and I love it and it will show up in a poem. High heels were called a power tool. Technology is linked to consumption and therefore is linked to insecurity.

Then Sal got up at the Q&A and made a statement. He said that he works for a nonprofit tech organization and that he often encounters people with a cause debating whether technology is good or evil. He ultimately said that technology is a tool and merely speeds up/amplifies/magnifies/highlights what already exists. Technology cannot be inherently good or bad because it depends on how it is being used. I was proud of him and the panel seemed both interested and exhausted by his statement because he summed up what they had to say very easily, but then another woman said that he was right and therefore it's up to us to make sure that technology has the impact we want it to have.

We also saw the Judy Chicago exhibit in the Center for Feminist Art. Her piece "The Dinner Party" is devoted to highlighting women throughout history that have been overlooked for their amazing contributions. It is an awesome piece and I have so many names to research. I am considering doing a poetry project in conjunction with it.

Later we met up with Sal's sister and her partner at Alchemy and talked the night away. Sal confirmed with them that I am improving at taking public transportation. When I got to LGA on Friday I took a cab to Queens and then the subway to Manhattan. Subways don't stress me that much and I've taken the Metro enough now to feel ok with it. Busses still make me nervous. Who knows where you'll end up when you get on a bus. Oh San Francisco Muni system... we'll have fun getting to know each other this fall.

When I first got into grad school, Sal and I had just begun dating. We took a trip that May to NYC to celebrate. Here we are again, full circle, celebrating my completed thesis. I like this tradition.

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