Monday, August 8, 2011

Bitch Bitch Bitch

I love me some Bitch. I've been a subscriber for years. It is an important, vital voice among the cacophony of media noise. They are also committed to print publishing. Bitch is proof that feminism is alive and relevant. Feminisms are alive. We all need to hear from them.

"Feminism is for everybody." - bell hooks, activist and author

They are having a subscription drive and need to meet 1500. They only need 200 more to go.

I want to buy a subscription for someone who has never read Bitch. I'll just trust you on this one. If you've never read Bitch, the first person to comment gets a gift subscription. Once I get the comment, I'll contact you via email. Be sure you leave me some way to contact you in the comment.

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Tpetro said...

I've never read Bitch! And I would love to! I'm always trying to understand what it means to be a feminist, how to practice it in my life, and if I already am/ do. This is actually a great journey for me. xoxo, Teresa (