Sunday, August 14, 2011

Literary Roundup: How do you call your loverboy?

I've got so many chills today. From sexy, sexy poems. Also scary, still, hauntingly violent poems. And from an amazing article in praise of Patrick Swayze's sweet sweet hip thrusts.

Online journal qarrtsiluni has a poem by Ruth Foley called "If You Want Me" and it is a must-hear. Hear? Why, yes! They do a short podcast with each published poem featuring the poet reading their own words. Ms. Foley's poem and voice bring out the sad layers in this narrative.

Next up, we have Quartier Rouge, a quarterly literary video journal, from the lovely ladies of NYC's Poetry Brothel. These lady-poets have lots of lace clothing and male suitors. And for good reason. The Brothel features one-on-one poetry readings (think of it like a class-up, poemified, lap dance) at their performances. Now you can hear and see their alter-egos reading their words. Reading isn't quite right. It's more like a conversation where you can't possibly think of anything to say, because they are speaking. And when these poet's speak, you listen.

Finally, a happened upon this analysis of Dirty Dancing and why it is the greatest movie of all time. Writer Irin Carmon argues that Dirty Dancing is pro-woman, pro-sexuality, and pro-choice. Baby is ultimately a strong young woman who works hard and comes into her own in this story, which doesn't shy away from tough issues like class, race, abortion and sex. Plus, I learned that Patrick Swayze was the son of a ballerina and a cowboy. Now that's just begging to a poem, right?

All of these words are calling to you: Come here, loverboy... 

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Kayla said...

Really enjoy being introduced to new journals through your posts, Laura!   Hope all is well in CA.