Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back from Whatever THAT Was

Forgive me, dear blog readers. I was in a strange place earlier today because, as it turns out, I'm not super good at resting. Or at least resting without simultaneously making myself feel bad for resting. Despite the fact that my body needs more rest. I can't promise I won't delve back into LauraCrazyPantsLand again here in Dear Outer Space, but I can promise to follow up those kinds of moody, teen-angst posts with something cool and fun.

Speaking of cool and fun, check out this video of ModCloth co-founders, Susan and Eric Koger, wherein you can see me sitting on the far end of a couch during the Fashion Writers' product name brainstorm meeting. You'll recognize me because I seem to have a really itchy nose because I'm scratching it for my entire 3 second appearance (which starts around minute 1:19). Also, it's a cool video about the company.

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