Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Obviously the Only Person to Ever Be This Busy!

Consumed? Walloped? Sandstormed?

I saw it coming. April, that is. I should have remembered from last year with teaching and grad school, but the public schools in Pennsylvania don't finish until June, so when I found out my schools were finishing May 25th I started to hustle. With end of the school year preparations, chapbook finalizations, a handful of new projects, both paid and volunteer, poem-a-day, plus the Weave hiatus (which was supposed to give me time to work on new things) -- well, you know. Sandstormed.

I'm sure you're all just as busy, whether it's paper-grading, kid-raising, or 9-to-5-ing. However, I tend to underestimate my hard work, since I do a lot of it sitting down. Somehow, in the last week, despite feeling like poo on Friday and Saturday, I accomplished the following while still remembering to eat and sleep:

  • Prep for five classes (though it was mostly done the week before)
  • Taught five poetry classes
  • Graded and typed student poems for five classes
  • Read a chapbook and wrote a chapbook review
  • Went to two meetings
  • Posted and promoted Weave's new staff opps
  • Made final edits to my chapbook
  • Took back cover photo (way more time-consuming than it should be)
  • Organized files to mail to publisher
  • Wrote a fundraising proposal (yowza)
  • Wrote six poems
  • Wrote introductions for workbook project
  • Developed two illustrated pages for workbook project
  • Spent at least five hours on student anthologies
  • Updated my monthly personal finances
  • Kept up with Weave's social networks
  • Watched Finding Nemo with Sal
That last one is there because it's a big deal. I've been wanting to watch that movie with Sal since we met over three years ago. He'd never seen it! (*gasp!*) It was a nice break cuddling with him on Saturday for some movie time. Plus, it reminded me of a helpful mantra: just keep swimmingjust keep swimming.



Kathleen Kirk said...

I loved all those chapbook reviews, will share your Weave opportunities with a likely person, and am so glad about the Finding Nemo cuddling!!

Laura Davis said...

Thank you so much Kathleen! Glad you enjoyed the reviews and please do share the Weave opps around. :)