Friday, June 22, 2012

20 Things To Do When I Have Endless Time and Energy

  1. Revise my essay about my mother breaking her arm while I was getting divorced
  2. Figure out how to really clean a cast iron bathtub
  3. Print out my newest poems and revise
  4. Read a pile of books
  5. Write daily
  6. Nap
  7. Read a pile of magazines
  8. Learn Spanish
  9. Translate Spanish poems into English
  10. Read some trashy fiction novels, just for kicks
  11. Walk the four labyrinths in San Francisco
  12. Learn how to cook yummy food that's good for me
  13. Digitally archive the love letters my grandparents wrote to one another during WW2
  14. Use said letters in some kind of writing project
  15. Read all the books I still haven't finished
  16. Read the (pile of) blogs I follow
  17. Be still
  18. Join a community choir and start singing more in general
  19. Finish the furniture projects in our apartment
  20. Blog
what my to do list feels like in my head


Becca Seo said...

Wish i also have plenty and energy to do all the works i have and plan
of building my own business online. thanks for the idea.

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Laura E. Davis said...

i love me some lists too. they help me get over my "i haven't blogged in a while" hump.