Thursday, August 8, 2013

Laura and the Poetry Conference: A Love Affair

I'm suffering from PCW: Poetry Conference Withdrawal.

You know how some brides feel a big let down after the wedding is over? Because the excitement of planning and preparing for a big event is through and life is hum-drum once again? It's sort of like that. Like poetry and I had a love affair, actually. All week long it was just me and poetry - and all the other poets having poetry affairs.

"Don't you wish we could have an orgy?" said a conference-attendee and my newest poet-friend.

Yes. I really do. 

Part of my overall bummed-out-ness is due to the fact that I'm ramping up with work again. But, but, wait! I said. Poetry and I were just getting into a good rhythm. We hadn't been getting along for many months. Things were finally in the groove, me and poetry for a few hours each morning. Now I have to adjust my whole schedule again and lose my momentum? Nooooo!

Except I don't. At least that's what my therapist tells me.

Isn't it easy to let the really important things slip from our fingertips? I am simultaneously feeling like I have no time and I have a whole lifetime to spend with poetry. Today the Best Therapist in the Universe said, "I feel like we have to assume that your block of writing time is the number one priority. That comes first. It's most important." She went on, "I feel protective of it - you need to protect it too."

Damn, girl.

So that's the plan. Keeping those large poetry blocks in my schedule is key to my sanity, and also my success as a writer. So while poetry and I won't be having a week-long orgy anytime soon, we will have thrice-weekly afternoon trysts. Yes, yes please.

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