Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Is Not Unfinished Draft Fifteen

Every word is a struggle when you don't want to write. The white rectangle in which you type, the blinking vertical line, they seem to say, "And? Now what? That all you got?" with every word, every hesitation.

Number of unfinished blog post drafts: 14

You write word lists while listening to audiobooks or watch television. First, you flip to a new pair of lined pages in your Moleskin, and write the alphabet down the left-hand side. As words pop up in the story, you press the pen against the page and remind yourself how it feels to put letters together to form sounds. Certain letters fill up quickly: S, D and R. Others like J or Q take longer. When you watch The West Wing, the J words come more quickly: jurisprudence, judges, justice, jeopardy.

Number of poems written this year: 32
Breakdown by month: January: 13, February: 5, March: 0, April: 2, May: 9, June: 1.

That's all I got. I don't want this to be draft number 14.

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