Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Literary Roundup

My weekend was filled with lots of tension, but then bounced back yesterday when I finally cowgirled-up and got over some of my anxiety about job applications. I'm super grateful to Beth Adams, editor of qarrtsiluni and Bridgette Shade, friend and fiction editor of Weave: they were both so generous with their feedback of my writing this weekend. Also, a prof of mine came to my aid with getting me some contact info for a poet I want to solicit; much thanks to her. Lesson learned: I still have a community of writers and mentors, despite leaving graduate school, despite moving away. I feel so blessed.

(poetic side note: these birds outside my window every morning, sometimes they sound like a million coins falling onto my kitchen floor.)

In my online adventures, there were so many good reads to share. First up is the May issue of Sampsonia Way, the literary magazine of City of Asylum. The article about the Afghan Women's Writing Project is so powerful and humbling. Seriously folks, City of Asylum is so worthy of your dollars. Considering donating.

Next, I've wandered down the rabbit hole that is the fascinating interview at The Coachella Review with Nic Sebastian of Whale Sound fame. Goodness, this poet is doing so much and I admire people who are motivated to do so many projects. Please check out her many projects, including the fascinating Nanopress Publishing model and her book Forever Will End on a Thursday (available in just about every format, many of them for free). After that, go check out Whale Sound Audio Chapbooks (also free!)

Next up is this awesome article in the Pittsburgh City Paper about Fleeting Pages, in which I am quoted! I kind of rambled on and on in that interview, so I'm stoked she went with this quote in praise of Pittsburgh:

"Pittsburgh really has the right attitude," says Laura Davis, founder and editor of Pittsburgh-based Weave magazine, which will sponsor weekly readings, as well as workshops on poetry, how to get published and flash fiction. "Everybody here wants to pitch in and help."

Speaking of Weave, here is a bit about our workshop this week. I'm thinking of creating a scavenger hunt around Fleeting Pages. Oh I love this project so much! If you aren't in Pittsburgh, go buy some books on their ONLINE STORE. If you are in da' burgh, get your butt over to East Lib and buy some really great books.


Nic Sebastian said...

What a generous shout-out - thanks so much, Laura and right back at you! Best, Nic

Nic Sebastian said...

What a generous shout-out - thanks so much, Laura and right back at you! Best, Nic