Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lit Roundup Renamed LitShare & Other Delightful Literary News!

my word list from this morning. you're welcome.
Why rename a blog series? I like this name better. It doesn't make me think of lassos, nor does it make me want to say, "Giddy up!" Plus, LitShare has great potential for hash tagging. Expect these short posts (almost) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Speaking of hash tags, the next #poetparty on Twitter is August 4th @ 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT, so spake Ruben Quesada. Thanks, Ruben!

Found a cool journal for lady-writers: When Women Waken. Also, Unsplendid has an open call for writing by ladies for their next lady-themed issue. Also, Codex Journal wants your digital poems (.MP4 or .MOV only poems/stories less than 3 minutes long).

Karen Lillis has been hawking indie literature all over Pittsburgh.

Two former Weave contributors, MRB Chelko and Alicia Salvadeo, are Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship Winners! Congrats!

Trying to write daily like me? Here are five scientific ways to build habits.

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