Friday, July 26, 2013

LitShare: Primal Vowels, Creative Spaces, and Twitter Poems

the best buttons ever via Portland's Wordstock Festival
When it comes to advice about writing or just living, Maira Kalman has wise words to offer, including her most-recent thoughts on optimism.

Poet Kelly Egan muses about the primal experience of vowel sounds. She will read for Quiet Lightning (again!) in October along with former Weave contributor Patrick O'Neill.

Fiction writer Natalie Sylvester discovers less is more when it comes to her available writing time.

Poems by my CPITS students are up on their website! I'm so proud of these young writers. You can donate to their IndieGogo campaign to help support poetry in the schools!

Here's a cool journal I recently discovered Dress Room Poetry. While we're on the subject of rooms, enjoy some photos of the workspaces of some of the world's most creative minds. Also from BuzzFeed, 49 really freaking beautiful libraries (hashtag iwanttogotothere).

Bitch Magazine's Nijla Mu'min writes a smart response to the film Fruitville Station in light of the George Zimmerman verdict, addressing the notions of facts, fiction, true stories, dramatizations, race, and portrayals of authentic human beings in film.

Lastly, according to some poets Twitter promotes poetry through the economy of 140 characters.

Have a fab weekend, lit lovers.

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