Monday, July 29, 2013

LitShare: Lemon Wedges, Giraffes, and Poetry Geniuses

a room of one's own with a view: my hosts back yard
Wondering how to put together that pesky poetry manuscript?

From Paper Darts, poet Anis Mojgani offers straightforward, valuable advice to emerging writers, and about the writing process in general.

Junot Diaz is a Poetry Genius, declares the Los Angeles Times, because he shares an excerpt from his novel on a annotation site.

Just because I love giraffes so much, here's "Giraffes", a poem.

TweetSpeak's Poetry Top Ten list for last week has some neato tidbits.

Weave Magazine's reviews editor Nicole Bartley's "Popping A Cherry With A Lemon" for Diverse Voices Quarterly begins, "A buxom young brunette loomed above me with a lemon wedge pursed between her lips. She set a full shot glass of Lemon Pucker with sugar beside me." Who wouldn't want to keep reading after that?

Gigantic Sequins gives Karen Lillis' pop-up indie bookstore a shout-out.

Finally, Napa is wonderful. Two poems drafted, one workshopped today. I may have to skip Wednesday this week, but we'll see how things go.


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