Monday, August 5, 2013

LitShare: Inflections, Calls for Submission, and 100% BS-free Writing Advice

I returned from a life-changing trip to Napa on Friday with five solid poem drafts, two of which I've already revised. I worked with Jane Hirshfield and 11 truly amazing poets all week. I learned more than I could have imagined, such as Jane's invented poetic form, the Inflection, which she writes about here by using the form itself. Here is another one. Can you figure out the form? 

The LA Times is looking for opinionated poets to submit some opinionated poemsDancing Girl Press is creating an anthology to be revealed at AWP in Seattle. They are seeking typewritten poetry or hybrid works that contain typewritten elements. Like on a typewriter.

Reading in Pittsburgh! Robert Yune reads with Nick Sturm and Carrie Long at a distillery on Monday, August 12th. Lots of boozy deliciousness. Proceeds from drinks benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Literary Council. More info here.

Jane Hirshfield & Laura, 2013 Napa Valley Writers' Conference
Delightful word canapés! Jonterri Gadson has a bunch of lush, corporeal, earthy poems up at VerseWrights. Angele Ellis wrote haikus for Lilliput Review's blog and has a piece of fiction at Prime Number. Also, Donna Vorreyer has a new book out from Sundress Publications entitled The House of Many Windows.

Concerning craft: Jane Hertenstein talks about memory and writing flash memoir for WOW! Women On Writing. Also, an old interview with Donald Hall discussing the Art of Poetry for the Paris Review. In this video via Poets & Writers, poet Nikki Giovanni says, "poetry is air and water and fire and soil... one of those basics that will always be there." Those of you who remember Def Poetry Jam will enjoy Mos Def's fan-boy introduction.

In publishing news, Amazon may not be the cheapest game in town for books. Who is? Small presses seem to offer better deals, says some folks with anecdotal evidence (good enough for me!).

Cheryl Strayed offers writing advice that's 100% awesome - and BS-free!

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